To the world electric vehicles; Electric vehicle sales are booming in...

To the world electric vehicles; Electric vehicle sales are booming in India too


  • Electric vehicle sales on the rise in the country
  • Demand for two wheelers
  • Supportive government schemes

Kochi: Electric vehicles are gaining acceptance in the country. The current view is that more and more people are turning to electric vehicles due to lower electric vehicle prices and government support. The number of electric vehicles registered under the e-vehicle portal has increased over the last three years. It is noteworthy that the demand remains constant.

In 2018-19, 143,358 units of electric vehicles were sold in the country. Sales of electric vehicles in India were 69,012 units in 2017-18 and increased to 167,041 units in 2019-20. This includes two-wheelers, three-wheelers and buses. Sales of electric two-wheelers have soared.

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Special discounts are available under the second phase of the Fame India scheme to reduce costs between electric vehicles and other vehicles. This also helps in selling electric vehicles.

In addition, there is a GST exemption for electric vehicles. The GST on electric vehicles has been reduced from 12 per cent to 5 per cent .The government is taking other steps to promote the sale and use of electric vehicles in the country; GST on chargers and charging stations for electric vehicles was reduced from 18 per cent to 5 per cent.

Permit exemptions are available for battery-powered vehicles and vehicles running on ethanol and methanol fuels.


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