ViralToday is Engineers' Day: Greetings to those in the engineering field

Today is Engineers’ Day: Greetings to those in the engineering field


  • Today is Engineers’ Day; This year’s theme is Engineering for a Healthy Planet
  • Those in the engineering field can send greetings

New discoveries and inventions are making human life more comfortable. Therefore, the importance of engineers in the world is not small. He is considered as one of the best engineers in India. Engineers’ Day is celebrated in India on September 15, the birthday of Visvesvaraya. Known as the father of the planning of independent India. Visvesvaraya is also the architect of modern Mysore. Excellent structures like the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam in Mysore These are the signs of Visvesvaraya’s engineering prowess. Visvesvaraya was one of the key engineers in the committee appointed to rebuild the flood-ravaged city of Hyderabad. The country honored him with the Bharat Ratna for overseeing all the major structures of the country.

This day is celebrated by honoring the engineers who have proven their prowess in various fields of the country and molding the best engineers. On this day you can send greetings to your friends and loved ones in the field of engineering.

Happy Engineering Day

* You build the world (civil engineering), you build the virtual world (computer engineer), you connect the world (electronic and communication engineering), you are the energy of the world (electrical engineering) and you move the world (mechanical engineering) in engineering.

* The world cannot change us, but we can change the world. If you have revolutionary engineering ideas in mind, you can change this world. Happy Engineering Day ..

* Greetings to all the engineers who have helped guide human life in more innovative ways … Your best ideas and innovations must be acknowledged.

* Engineering is about finding creative and practical solutions and moving forward. May you be able to mold tomorrow in the best possible way.

* Engineering is not only the study of innumerable subjects, but also the moral study of material life. Happy Engineering Day ..

* We say that the best engineers on earth. Proud to be one of you .. Happy Engineering Day ..

* You are the engineers who make every person’s hopes and dreams come true. So always stay full of ideas and energy. Happy Engineering Day ..

* The world will change as your creativity and ideas come together. Happy Engineering Day ..

* Can you imagine a world without engineers? No, you can’t imagine what this world would be like without molded the world in such a convenient way … Happy Engineering Day ..

* Happy Engineering Day to all the engineers who are always thinking of giving new constructions to the world …

Engineers Day Theme 2021:

Engineering for a Healthy Planet – is the theme of this year’s Engineers’ Day. Last year, the idea was ” Engineers for a Self – Reliant India ”.


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