Tomato price has gone up, his crop is ripe .. Kurnool district farmer who was hit...

Tomato price has gone up, his crop is ripe .. Kurnool district farmer who was hit hard!

In Andhra Pradesh, the price of tomato has surpassed that of apple. Simultaneously competing with the price of chicken. Tomato prices are changing hugely in minutes, faster than the stock market. Giving records in this order. Already the petrol rate has crossed one hundred. Diesel is also running after it. Made of gas rock, pit rock. Now the price of tomato is also stabilizing.

If the price of tomato recently reached 50 rupees .. Vammo we thought. Such is the case in a matter of days, Rs. 60, Rs. 70 .. Rs. If it crosses 100 .. she was surprised. Now the price of a kg of tomatoes is Rs. 130 to Rs. 150 is pronounced. Poor, middle-class people feel that the tomato rate will go up in a matter of hours. The same scene is seen in any market in the Telugu states.

Touching a tomato causes inflammation. Tomatoes are not available in Chennai for Rs 140. In the first week of November, Rs. The rate is between 20 and 30 rupees.

Kurnool Tomato Farmer Kuberudaina for a single blow .. Do you know how much money?

In Andhra Pradesh, heavy rains and floods have damaged crops in many parts of the state. Full effect on yield. Lack of harvesting conditions in the field .. Due to problems with rain water, the crop does not come into the market. As well as crop damage due to rains.

In Andhra Pradesh, 2.27 lakh tonnes of tomatoes are grown on 43 lakh acres every year. Most of it is grown in Chittoor and Anantapur districts. Those districts are currently experiencing heavy rains and floods. Tomato rates seem to have skyrocketed as the crop was severely damaged and roads and bridges were destroyed, making it impossible to transport.

However, on the one hand, the common man can not buy tomatoes and shed tears .. Some farmers are pouring cash rain. It has become the current jackpot for a tomato farmer in Kurnool district. It seems that the farmer has got a combined yield of crores of rupees this season. The family of Mohammad Rafi of Pyalakurti village in Kodumuru zone of Kurnool district harvested cassava in the form of tomatoes.

Kasulatalli knocked on the door of the house. Mohammed Rafi, Saiba, Ushalam Ladi joint family. They cultivated tomatoes on 40 acres of their 100-acre farm. At present it is Rs. In the wake of crossing the 130, they had an unprecedented gain. It seems that the revenue has been over Rs 80 lakh so far. The farmer is happy that more income is likely to come in the coming days.