IndiaTractor rally towards parliament against new agricultural laws? - Consultation with agricultural associations today

Tractor rally towards parliament against new agricultural laws? – Consultation with agricultural associations today

Regarding holding a tractor rally towards the parliament against the new agricultural laws Agricultural Associations Today we will discuss and decide.

Thousands of farmers have been protesting in the capital, Delhi, since November last year against the federal government’s three new agricultural laws. The government has repeatedly negotiated with them, but no solution has been found. New agricultural laws repealed Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday announced the heels. He also appealed to the farmers camped in Delhi to return to their homes.

This announcement of the Prime Minister Agricultural Associations Despite being welcomed, they were not ready to end their struggle immediately. Farmers have announced that their struggle will continue until the new agricultural laws are formally withdrawn at the upcoming parliamentary winter session.

In this context, a consultative meeting was held yesterday on behalf of the Samyukta Kisan Morcha, which is coordinating the struggle of the farmers on this issue. It was attended by leaders of major agricultural associations.

Afterwards, Darshan Paul, chairman of the Samyukt Kisan Morcha, told reporters:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced the withdrawal of new agricultural laws. While this is a welcome decision, we (farmers) are not going to end our struggle immediately. Because, ‘only post; The federal government announced a few years ago that a ‘single pension’ scheme would be implemented. But, to date it has not been implemented. Similarly, what is the guarantee that this announcement will not be diluted? Therefore, we will end our struggle only after these laws are formally withdrawn in the forthcoming parliamentary winter session.

Tractor rally

Similarly, daily during the winter session, until agricultural laws are repealed Tractor rally towards parliament We had recently announced that it would be conducted. We have not withdrawn that notice until now. The decision to hold this tractor rally will be announced tomorrow (today) in consultation. Thus said Darshan Paul.

It is unfortunate that agricultural laws have been withdrawn: Supreme Court panel member comment

New Delhi: “It is unfortunate that the new agricultural laws have been withdrawn,” said Anil Kanwad, a member of the Supreme Court-appointed panel of inquiry into the matter.

As thousands of farmers struggled against the federal government’s three new agricultural laws, a three-member panel was appointed last January on behalf of the Supreme Court to look into the matter.

Although the report of this committee was submitted to the Supreme Court, it was not made public.

In this case, the present New agricultural laws repealed Commenting on the announcement, Anil Kanwad, a member of the Supreme Court-appointed inquiry committee and chairman of the Shetkari Sangathana Agrarian Union, told reporters:

The old agricultural laws currently in force are largely exploiting the labor of farmers and their income. Imposes numerous restrictions on the marketing of their products.

But, the federal government New agricultural laws Gave farmers unprecedented freedom. Paved the way for creating a situation where their products can be marketed anywhere, to anyone. Nevertheless, due to the misguidance of some political leaders, the peasants began to oppose these laws. If these laws come into force, the state procurement system will be abolished; Many lies were spread that farmers’ lands would be confiscated. Innocent farmers also believed in this.

At that time, the government should go directly to the farmers and explain these agricultural laws. But the government did not do so. As a result, the current situation is deteriorating. New agricultural laws repealed Received is very unfortunate. This is an entirely political decision. There is no drop in the welfare of the people or the welfare of the farmers. Thus he said.