IndiaTroops withdraw across Ladakh's Pangong Lake area: 10th round of India-China talks

Troops withdraw across Ladakh’s Pangong Lake area: 10th round of India-China talks

Of Ladakh Pangong Lake All Indian and Chinese troops have been withdrawn from the area. Following this, the 10th round of talks between senior officials of the two armies began yesterday.

In April last year Ladakh Chinese troops attempted to occupy the Pangongcho Lake area on the border. As it was blocked by Indian troops, clashes broke out between the two sides and additional troops and military equipment were concentrated in the area.

This led to war tensions between the two countries. To mitigate this, India – China has so far held 9 rounds of talks at the level of military high command. Both sides agreed to reduce their forces. Accordingly, the task of withdrawing troops and military equipment from the Pangong Cho Lake area began on the 10th. The completion of this work was announced on the 18th by both parties.

Following this, the 10th round of talks between the two countries’ military commanders began at 10 am yesterday in Sushul-Moldo, China. The talks are being held under the leadership of Lt. Gen. BGK Menon, Commander-in-Chief of the 14th Battalion on the Indian side, and Maj. Gen. Liu Lin, Commander-in-Chief of the Xinjiang Army on the Chinese side.

The talks are said to have consulted on the withdrawal of troops from areas including Hot Springs, Kagra, Demzak and Debsang.

New video release

In June last year, there was a clash between the soldiers of the two countries in the Kalwan Valley. 20 Indian soldiers were killed. Similarly, the US and Russian intelligence said that 40 Chinese soldiers were killed. But China has not confirmed this. In this context, China has for the first time admitted that 5 army officers and 4 soldiers were killed in the conflict in the Kalwan Valley. Meanwhile, Chinese state media yesterday released a video of the clash in the Kalwan Valley. Soldiers from both sides cross a river. Then in one place, they grab each other to go backwards. At nightfall, both sides stand on a mountaintop with flashlights, rye and protective armor and shout.

Pointing to the video, Chinese state media analyst Shen Shive accuses Indian soldiers of trespassing into Chinese territory.


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