Tugo: 18 Brahma oranges per plant .. Special, people coming to see

Tugo: 18 Brahma oranges per plant .. Special, people coming to see


  • 18 flowers per plant in East Godavari district
  • Locals coming to see the flowers
  • Surprise at how many flowers bloom

People are interested to see that the Brahma lotus is a flower. It is truly amazing to see tens of thousands of flowers in one go. Brahma lotus blooms 18 flowers in the house of Anala Sudarshan, President of YSSRCP Zone, Wakatippa, Kottapalli Zone, East Godavari District. The homeowner is also surprised to see 18 flowers in bloom at once. Brahma never thought that such a large number of lotuses would bloom.

With so many flowers blooming at once, those around were eager to see. People lined up to see the blooming flowers following the Kovid rules. He said that he was very happy that the Brahmakamalam plant, which he had grown so fondly, was blooming 18 flowers at once. Sudarshan said the flowers were given to local temples. Many Brahma oranges are growing in Telugu states. But the flowering of 18 flowers at once was the talk of the town.

The lotus of Brahma is the most beloved to Lord Shiva is the faith of the devotees. Everyone thinks that this plant, which is found in the Himalayas, is good to have at home. Large numbers of people also come to see this beautiful flower that blooms only for a few hours. But only a few plants are said to bloom like this.


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