Uppena: Mahesh Babu praises 'Uppena' .. Superstar in one word

Uppena: Mahesh Babu praises ‘Uppena’ .. Superstar in one word


  • Mahesh Babu called ‘Uppena’ a classic
  • Devisree Prasad Hart praised ‘Uppena’
  • Superstar who tweeted Sukumar as Hatsoff

Panja Vaishnav Tej and Krithishetti as the heroines .. Buchibabu Sana is introduced as the director in the movie ‘Uppena’. The film, which was a resounding success, has already been hailed by many celebrities. Now superstar Mahesh Babu has also joined their list. Mahesh Babu, who recently watched the movie ‘Uppena’, praised the movie as very good. To this extent he responded via Twitter.

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” Surge .. In a word, classic! Buchibabu Sana .. You have created a rare image that will be remembered forever. Very pleased to see you. Heart Devisree Prasad to the surge. The film is remembered as one of the Greatest Music Scores of All Time. This is by far the best DSP in the music you have provided. Keep up the good music as well.

Vaishnav Tej and Krithishetti’s amazing performance of two newcomers touched my mind. You Stars. Hats off to Sukumar Gari, who last produced a film like Uppena, to Maitree Movie Makers. Like I said it was one of the most memorable movies of all time. I am very proud to see all of you, ”Mahesh Babu tweeted.

Rockstar Devisree Prasad responded to Mahesh Babu’s tweet. Devisree was overjoyed at the love and admiration poured on her. ‘Thank you a million times dearest superstar Mahesh Babu sir’ he tweeted. ‘As I have always said, the superstar heart that speaks priceless words of love is yours. I will always love you sir ‘said Devisree. The level of the film has risen further as all the big stars in the industry as a whole have been showering praise on ‘Surge’.


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