'Uppena' making video .. Vaishnav Tej, the movie that gave a super...

‘Uppena’ making video .. Vaishnav Tej, the movie that gave a super start to Kriti Shetty is on the screen !!

Mega nephew, Sai Dharam Tej’s brother kicked off with his first film. With the ‘surge’ the audience came forward and got everyone’s forgiveness. We have seen many movie stars, including superstar Mahesh Babu, praising his performance. And the heroine is impressed with the natural beauty. The way she moved in front of the camera became a major strength to the film. Also Vijay Sethupathi is pouring collections into the ‘surge’ of vilinism. Meanwhile, the makers were once again impressed with the making video of this super duper hit movie. In this video, director Buchibabu portrays Kriti Shetty as Babamma, Vaishnav Tejni as Ashirvadam and Vijay Sethupathi as Kriti’s father Rayanam. It is clear from watching the making video that he took special care over every scene. The director finds it difficult to show the written story on the screen, Buchibabu with the cast on the set gets the output as expected, and the famous director Koratala Shiva’s noise is seen in this video. However, many heroes from the mega compound have gone to the cinema but Vaishnav Tej has proved to be unique among all. With this surge, heroine Kriti Shetty and director Buchibabu became very close to the Telugu audience. Co-produced by Maitri Movie Makers and Sukumar Writings Banners, the film has touched the hearts of Telugu youth. Everything is connected to the natural love story. Devi Sri Prasad lyrics have become a major asset. With this the ‘surge’ that has been successfully demonstrated everywhere released is on the path to profitability.


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