WorldUS Senator Risch spoke about Biden's "puppeteer" manager

US Senator Risch spoke about Biden’s “puppeteer” manager

The White House has a “puppeteer” who can make decisions on key issues for US President Joe Biden. This was announced on Tuesday, September 14, by the senior Republican of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Senate, Jim Risch.

Speaking at a committee hearing on the situation in Afghanistan, Risch called the withdrawal of United States troops from the country “a complete failure.” At the same time, he urged to understand the real issue, which is not who exactly is responsible for this, but who makes decisions for Biden.

“We know for sure that the President of the United States is at a somewhat disadvantageous position in the sense that someone makes decisions for him <...> He cannot even speak without someone in the White House subjecting him to [выступления] censorship and give the go-ahead, ”said Risch, quoted by Fox News.

The senator recalled that the American leader was interrupted “in mid-sentence” the day before. According to Risch, it is about who “made the decision that the President of the United States is saying something wrong.”

“Therefore, I would like to know who this person is, this ‘puppeteer’, if you like, and we must know who is responsible for this, who makes these decisions,” Risch said.

The incident took place on September 13 during a meeting with Biden officials. During the event, he asked the representative of the National Forestry Association George Geisler to ask him a question. However, at the moment when the head of the White House began to voice it, the broadcast was interrupted without explanation.

In March, the US president mistakenly named Vice President Kamala Harris as head of state in a public speech. Later, Fox News viewers expressed the opinion that Biden is a “Trojan horse”. According to them, he will soon leave the post for health reasons and Harris will take his place.

The situation in Afghanistan escalated in May 2021 after the start of the withdrawal of American troops who had been in the country since 2001. Members of the radical Taliban movement (banned in Russia) launched an offensive on the country’s major cities and entered Kabul on August 15, announcing the end of the war. President Ashraf Ghani left the country on the same day.

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