Vaishnav Tej, Kriti Shetty, the team that surged on Srivastava ..

Vaishnav Tej, Kriti Shetty, the team that surged on Srivastava ..


  • Vaishnav Tej and Kriti Shetty as heroines in ‘Surplus’
  • A movie that flows with collections
  • The team that visited Srivastava after the victory

Vaishnav Tej, the mega compound hero who introduced the Telugu audience to the movie ‘Uppena’, made a super super hit with his first movie. Directed by Sukumar’s disciple and new director Buchibabu Sana, the film’s collection is flowing and the producers are reaping the benefits. The Telugu audience was enthralled by the performance of the heroine Kriti Shetty in this film. With this, the chances of a ‘surge’ team as a whole are flowing.

In this joy, the entire team visited Thirumala Srivastava today (Saturday). Vaishnav Tej, Kriti Shetty, producer Naveen and director Buchibabu all visited Srivari together. Hero Vaishnav Tej and heroine Kriti Shetty are on foot. Videos and photos taken as they climbed are going viral on social media.
NTR is going to surprise the fans .. promo next week !!
After visiting Srivastava, director Buchibabu told the media, “Swami put this film script at their feet and received blessings. With those blessings the surge made the film a success. May the next movie script also be placed at the feet of Srivari and blessed. Details of the film will be announced soon, ”he said.


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