Video: Groom in a helicopter .. procession throwing over Rs 20 lakh...

Video: Groom in a helicopter .. procession throwing over Rs 20 lakh cash gall

P.They want to be remembered for the rest of their lives. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Also .. people are eager to make the wedding ceremony creative. The rich are spending their money indiscriminately. One hundred poor families in our country can survive for the rest of their lives at the cost of a single wedding. Some are in debt and are celebrating weddings. Recently some brides have been given a solid welcome by being paraded in helicopters. However, this video is proof that this crazy is not just in our country .. cousin country is also in Pakistan.

The money was thrown away at a wedding ceremony in the Pakistani city of Mandi Bahauddin. A helicopter was specially arranged for the groom to arrive at the wedding venue set up in the city. The money kept pouring from the helicopter until it reached the wedding venue from the village of Harraya. Even in the village, the groom’s brothers and followers made a noise by throwing money into the gall in the streets. About Rs 20 lakh was reportedly thrown into the galley.
Bodybuilder married to sex doll .. Divorced by cheatingRelated videos and photos are going viral on social media. The videos also show people rushing to pick up money lying on the road. Netizens who have seen these videos are commenting that if there is a lot of money, it will look like scrap paper and only those who do not have it will know their value.

Video of throwing money on the road:

Video: Vammo throws cash into the gallows, anarchy in the wedding procession

Others say that money is in the hands of people who do not know the value of money. Instead of throwing the money into the gall .. they are commenting that the name will not stand if it is distributed to the poor. Meanwhile, the police have registered several cases against the son-in-law for not allowing the procession in a helicopter and for scattering money in public places. However, are such cases a big deal for older children? Tell me.

Groom showers money on helicopter:

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