Virata Parvam Teaser: Donga Lam ** Kodaka .. Sai Pallavi actor Vishwaroopam...

Virata Parvam Teaser: Donga Lam ** Kodaka .. Sai Pallavi actor Vishwaroopam in red


  • Virata Parvam teaser
  • Released over the hands of Megastar
  • The teaser that raised expectations
  • Rana, Sai Pallava actor Vishwaroopam

Rana shows Vishwaroopam with Virataparvam teaser. Megastar Chiranjeevi has recently released the teaser of ‘Virata Parvam’ starring Rana Daggubati and Sai Pallavi combination. The teaser of the film, which was directed by Venu Udugula based on real events, has been praised. Unlike routine films, Rana and Sai Pallava are the director who showed the cosmic form of the actor.

Rana showed his pride as a nux light who turned on the landlords, saying, “How many years have passed since the traces of domination were added … How many years have the walls of discrimination been torn down .. The landlords have become rich by turning their backs on the landlord.” His dialogue is Romans nicknamed.

Sai Pallavi, on the other hand, mesmerized Sita as a red-haired cuckoo. ‘Dear Aranya .. Have I become a fan of yours .. If I read your poetry, something emotional will rage in me. How did Meerabhai leave those who had tied the knot for Krishna .. so I am coming for you .. ‘ ‘She is the love that opened the door to hidden stories in history,’ said the director of her character. Her love is apocalyptic .. spiritual .. rare .. Saipallavai has sacrificed her life with her acting. At the end, the scene where Sai Pallavi turns on the cops as Donga Lam *** Kodaka is highlighted.

Bobbili Saresh’s background score was depleted. In that sense, it is possible Divakar’s cinematography had a realistic look. In this movie, Priyamani appeared in the role of Knox Light as ‘Bharatakka’. Virat Parvam is all set to release worldwide on April 30 with huge anticipation.

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