Visakha: Giri nagu live in the field .. so long, trembling to...

Visakha: Giri nagu live in the field .. so long, trembling to see


  • Girinagu live on the farm
  • 15 feet long snake
  • Carefully caught

Shambhu Vani Palam residents of Devarapalli mandal, Raivada panchayat suburb of Visakhapatnam district were frightened by a huge giri nagu. Farmers doing farm work .. found a snake wandering near them. Those who were panicked .. provided information to the representatives of the poisonous animal care organization. They immediately entered the field .. worked for about two hours and caught the snake. The 15-foot-long Giri cobra was caught and then left in a forest area. The villagers sighed.

Giri nags have recently become more prevalent in remote areas of Uttaranchal and East Godavari districts. A few days ago, a huge King Cobra tried to run away from a house in Mamidipalem village in the Addatigala zone of East Godavari district. Family members and locals were shocked to see the huge snake. Lock the doors of the house and run out. Forest department officials were informed by phone. DRVO Bhanu Prakash along with his staff and wildlife student Sindhu reached the spot from Addatigala Forest Office. King Cobra was cunningly captured and captured. The 12-foot-tall Giri Nagu was left safely in the Tapasvikonda Reserve Forest.

King cobras are usually found in dense forests. It is very rare to be seen in uninhabited areas. Experts say they do not bite humans even when it comes to their lives. In the Telugu states, these snakes are found mostly in the tribal areas of Visakhapatnam, Khammam and Nallamala. The locals also call them Giri Nagulu. These snakes can grow up to 14 to 16 feet in length.


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