Vizag Steel Plant Row: Visakha Steel Movement .. One from Tollywood .....

Vizag Steel Plant Row: Visakha Steel Movement .. One from Tollywood .. Undetectable Big Stars


  • The tumultuous Vishakha steel movement
  • Responding celebrities from Tollywood
  • Undetectable big stars

Slogans are chanting all over the AP state that Visakhapatnam Steel is the right of Andhras.
Steel workers in Visakhapatnam have been quoting the movement in the wake of Nirmala Sitharaman’s statement on the sale of the steel plant. Dharnas, relay initiations, massacres, protests, agitation followed.

Nirmala Sitharaman has said that the Visakhapatnam steel plant will be 100% privatized. The Andhra Pradesh government has no equity stake in the Visakhapatnam steel plant. AP people along with steel plant employees are warning the Center that privatization of the steel plant will not work. At this juncture public associations and various political parties expressed support for the steel plant movement. However, the adults of Tollywood .. the big producers, the star heroes are the heroines .. as always, they are watching the movie as if it is for us. However, some celebrities have announced their support for the Steel Plant movement on Twitter.

Chandrababu’s nephew, movie hero Nara Rohit has already been heard protesting. Wake up Andhra. The steel industry that struggled and achieved in the 60s is in jeopardy in the 21st century. Is our development a privatization of the labor force that has developed over 50 years with collective effort? Let’s clench our fists in the democratic arena. Let’s raise our voices and say that Visakha Ukku is the right of Andhra Pradesh. ” Nara Rohit tweeted. Along with him, writer Kona Venkat and music director RP Patnaik from the Tollywood industry have announced their support for the Visakha Ukku movement.

‘The Center says that we are selling Visakha steel because it runs in Los Angeles .. Can’t the private sector take it and run it in Los .. Visakha Steel running in Los is going to make a profit as soon as it is given to the private ones .. If the Center works for at least one to two years to study what those logistics are and implement them. Is good. As an ordinary citizen, I extend my full support to those who are fighting for Visakhapatnam Steel, regardless of political parties, ”RP Patnaik tweeted.

And film writer Kona Venkat .. If the steel plant is run by private companies on the path of profit .. And why did the government not do that work. Visakha Steel Factory is not the only one .. it is our right dear Modi to protect Visakha Steel ‘said Kona Venkat on Twitter. However, if the steel movement is erupting in Visakhapatnam, the star heroes .. the big producers and the producers .. the Tollywood elders will not open their mouths on this issue. And they have to see when the mouths open.


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