ViralWhy are you a thief? Aren't you sincerely a fool?

Why are you a thief? Aren’t you sincerely a fool?

There is a saying that if you learn only Kakkan, you should also learn to fight. In the case of some, this saying is literally true. The character of Chemban Vinod in the Malayalam film Sapthamashree Thaskara released in 2014 is an example of this. The party ran away and sat down in a banana orchard when the locals finally came to grab the money from the church. The natives approached Martin, the character of Chemban Vinod, without going astray. What is the reason? The party forgot to turn off the torch, which was tied to his own head, while he was in hiding. One of the fleeing villagers asks, “Why are you a thief?” That. The same question was asked by Derbyshire police to a thief who raided a house in Swadlinkot. What did the 36-year-old thief do? After covering himself with a blanket, he hid inside the cupboard. Why is this so stupid? The thief who stood on the shelf was not completely covered by the blanket. The police opened the cupboard and saw the exact foot and caught the thief. He was arrested on charges of several counts of theft across South Derbyshire. “The thief was found hiding under a blanket in the closet,” Swadlincott police wrote on SNT Facebook. “Did you think we would not open the cupboard when we came looking for you? Did you think we did not recognize you hiding under a blanket?” About the police. “A 36 – year – old man was found hiding under a blanket in a closet, his big feet cheating on him. Another man has been remanded in custody for theft in South Derbyshire.” Police explained.


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