Wilders’ far-right wins elections in the Netherlands, according to exit polls

The far-right Freedom Party, led by Geert Wilders, wins the elections in the Netherlands, according to exit polls conducted by Ipsos for the Dutch public broadcaster and published immediately after the closing of the polling stations.

The ultra party would double its seats in the assembly, going from 17 to 35 deputies. In second position would be the Labor and Green alliance GL/PvdA of Frans Timmermans with 26 seats, which in the last elections in 2021 also obtained 17. The People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), until now led by Mark Rutte, he would stay with 23 compared to the 34 he had before. New Social Contract (NSC), a completely new party led by a popular former Christian Democrat deputy, wins 20 deputies.

The survey is based on a sample of 60 polling stations. According to public radio and television, the margin of error is only one or two seats per party. There is a big difference between the first four games and the rest. Next on the list is D66, with 10 seats (previously it had 24)

The Dutch Parliament has 150 deputies, which means that a government needs 76 seats to form a majority. No party achieves it alone, and the Netherlands has been governed by coalitions for more than a century. Wilders, known for his far-right views, has welcomed the exit screenings.

“The exit polls are historic. It is the biggest change we have ever seen in the Netherlands,” political scientist Tom van der Meer told public radio and television NOS. “It is especially shocking how big the PVV has become. “Migration has been a big issue and voters quickly think of the PVV when this issue is discussed.”

Previous polls did not give more than 20% of the votes to any of the four main parties, predicting tough negotiations to form a coalition government.

These elections come after the fall of the coalition government led by Mark Rutte in July due to “irreconcilable differences” in immigration policy. Shortly after resigning, the historic leader resigned from national politics. The last elections were held in 2021.

Turnout at 7:45 p.m. was at 66%, seven points below turnout in the 2017 elections.

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