Wind wealth

Wind wealth

Acting is different .. Living in acting is different. If the first tooth looks difficult then the second tooth looks like. If you like the character, there is no need for words to come out of your mouth. It is not uncommon for the audience to cry and laugh with facial expressions without saying a word. But, Natakiriti Gaali Sampath (Rajendra Prasad) did it and showed it. Anil Ravipudi has the mark of a pucca commercial director. He is a director who has never seen failure in Tollywood. ‘Gaali Sampath’ is the first film to come under the supervision of this fun and frustration (F2) director’s narration, words and direction. Anil Ravipudi introduced his friend S. Krishna, who traveled with him as co-director and writer, as the producer of the film. Directed by Aneesh. This ‘wind wealth’ is a different experiment. The emotional journey of father and son is the story of this film. Although Anil Ravipudi is not a mark film, it is a different story based on a good point. Rajendra Prasad, father and son of Sri Vishnu. Father is one goal .. Son is another goal. Two separate lanes. The ‘air treasure’ story is the ego clash that takes place between the two of them in this sequence.

Gaili Sampath (Rajendra Prasad) entertains the audience with his voice on the radio .. He loses his throat along with his wife in an accident. The only air that comes out of the mouth is ‘Phi Phi Phi’. That is why he is called Gaali Sampath. For him, drama is madness. His son was Suri (Lord Vishnu). Truck driver in Araku. His dream is to become a truck owner carrying family responsibilities. Sampath tries to buy his son his own truck by making plays to make this dream come true. Zurich also has a good love track. This love is also a reason to increase the distance between father and son. Suri falls in love with the president’s daughter Papa (Lovely Singh). Their wedding air is spoiled due to wealth. At the same time, Suri uses the money he borrowed to buy a truck to dress up for the play. Suri becomes angry with his father. Then the rain between them turns into a villain once again .. The wind takes away the wealth and drops it in a pit. How did Sampath get out of that pit? How did the two dreams come true? What is the son’s quest for the missing father? What sacrifices did that father make in the past for his son? How did Suri know them? That’s the rest of the story.

Sri Vishnu impressed with his natural acting in the role of a son who is troubled by his father. Unnam means Unnam .. Chesham means Chesham is not like the choice of Sri Vishnu characters is very selective. Even with this film, Sri Vishnu chose a good character and showed perfection in that role. In fact the whole air of the film revolves around the character of Sampath. Only the character of the son of Sri Vishnu. Screen space is also small compared to the role of air resources. However, in this, Lord Vishnu made him the perfect son of the wind. The gestures of Sri Vishnu feel realistic after learning the truth about the father in the climax. The dialogue that says, “Parents become children after the age of one .. My father is my child .. Let me find that child, sir” mirrored the mature actor in him. Rajendra Prasad competed with him in combination scenes. Impressed in the emotional scenes that come between father and son. The film stars actress Rajendra Prasad as Vishwaroopam. Until now, Rajendra Prasad has made his performance skyrocket with his amazing performance as if it was another calculation with this film. At first it was ‘Fee Fee Fee’ .. should the whole movie be tolerated like this? Seems to be. But then the air wealth actor shows the cosmos. He made the audience move from chairs with mere gestures. Laughing .. crying .. Warewwa with his gestures anettuga natakiriti. Especially in the pre-interval scene, the acting universe can be seen. The play lasted for seven to eight minutes without a single dialogue. Rajendra Prasad made my level sky high in acting with that scene. The eyes were wet with just expressions. Attempts by the wind to get out of the ditch in front of the house seem tricky. Even if they cry in the same case. The sounds he makes from his throat to the top of his voice take Natakirti one step further. It must be said that doing such a role at this age is challenging for Rajendra Prasad. The role of air wealth in his career is truly sincere. And the heroine of this movie is Lovely Singh. Limited to songs only. As long as it seemed okay. The role of comedian Satya in the film is very crucial. He was cast as a translator for the role of Gali Sampath. Satya impressed in the emotional scenes while cultivating comedy. Tanikella Bharani appeared in a key role as a friend of Gaali Sampath. Karate Kalyani shines once again in the role of Pankajam in a vamp type character. Re-recording the life of this movie. There will be no dialogues after the wind falls into the treasure trove. The sounds he makes in his throat are very strange .. they feel painful. Music director Achu Rajamani enlivened Rajendra Prasad’s gestures with his background music. Except for the song Phi Phi Phi, the rest of the songs are a bit mild. It is known that the producer S. Krishna provided the story for this film. Screenplay by Anil Ravipudi. Directive supervision was also done. This made director Anish’s work easier. Aneesh has done full justice to his role as a director as the rest of his responsibilities have been reduced. His perfection is seen in every scene. He was able to bring out 100 per cent acting, especially from Rajendra Prasad. At the same time it seems that comedians are not being used properly. Especially the Srikanth Iyengar comedy scenes feel a bit fast. The screenplay provided by Anil Ravipudi also feels a bit slow here and there. The words written by Mirchi Kiran are good. Although ‘Gaali Sampath’ is a short film, there are no flaws in the production values. The graphics feel quality. The well set is realistic. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Sai Shriram Camera performance is awesome. Along with Araku beauties .. he performed his camera gimmicks in showing well visuals.

Finally ..
Audiences who go to the theater will definitely enjoy the airy comedy and emotions. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however;


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