Women's beach volleyball: Qatar bans bikinis

Women’s beach volleyball: Qatar bans bikinis

Doha: Qatar will not ban women beach volleyball players from wearing bikinis during the FIVB World Tour in Qatar from March 3 to 12. German actresses Carla Borgher and Julia S സൂd told the German media yesterday that they would withdraw from the FIVB World Tour if they were not allowed to wear the clothes they liked. Following this, Qatar agreed to change the existing conditions.

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Federation that can wear standard clothing

The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) has also announced that it will not ban the wearing of standard clothing worn by ordinary players, including bikinis. The federation said it had received assurances from Qatari authorities. They believe that beach volleyball, like all other sports competitions, should be judged not on the clothes worn by the players but on the quality of the game. Therefore, all players will have the freedom to wear standard uniforms in Qatar, the federation said in a statement.

Qatar changes terms


The Qatar Volleyball Association said on Monday that it had no specific rules on what athletes should wear. However, the official website of the World Tour states that women athletes must wear short sleeve t-shirts and knee-length sports shorts. Following the controversy, Qatar renewed its competition instructions, removing these terms from the website. The Qatar Association has made it clear that it has no specific instructions on what athletes should wear. In the 2019 ANOC World Beach Games in Qatar, women athletes wore bikinis.

German players say they will not go to Qatar


German actresses Carla Borgher and Julia Sood announced yesterday that bikinis are banned in Qatar and therefore will not be taking part in the World Tour in Doha. The two said the problem was not whether the clothes they wore were more or less the same, but that they were not allowed in Qatar to wear the clothes they needed to do their work. The German Volleyball Federation also came to their aid. Germany’s national women’s coach Helke Klaassen has also announced that she will not be going to Qatar. Following this, the authorities agreed to change the terms. At the same time, the question has been raised as to why these two German players wear knee-length dresses to competitions in many other countries and why they are so stubborn only in the case of Qatar. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.


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