IndiaWorld-Threatening Mu, C.1.2. Mutant corona virus not yet present in India:...

World-Threatening Mu, C.1.2. Mutant corona virus not yet present in India: information in the study

Mu, c.1.2, declared by the World Health Organization to be a major threat to the nations of the world. Type metamorphosed Corona virus Indian that is not found in India SARS Reported by the Virus Genetic Association (INSACOG).

INSACOG is Corona virus And a consortium of laboratories that study its transformation. This is stated in the weekly report published by the federation

The World Health Organization (WHO) last month diagnosed the corona virus with p.1.621 Mu virus Added the mutated corona virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the Mu virus, a mutant corona virus, is more potent than the now-widespread Delta virus, and that the vaccine has the potential to destroy the body’s immune system.

The World Health Organization reports that the virus is present in 39 percent of Colombians and 12 percent of Ecuador, and continues to grow.

Excluding the Mu virus c.1.2. The World Health Organization (WHO) says the virus has been found in South Africa. However, this type of mutated corona virus has not spread worldwide. In South Africa alone, it has grown from 0.2 percent in May to only 2 percent in July. Only 101 people worldwide are affected, mostly in Africa.

MU type virus in India, mutated in C1.2 type Corona virus Not yet detected. Meanwhile, travelers from international travels are tested for samples taken from their bodies if they have a corona. They are constantly monitored and their samples are taken for analysis. In the first week of September, 86,118 samples were sorted and 53,294 samples were examined.
Thus stated in the INSACOG report.


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