YS Jagan: Unexpectedly saddened by Mr. Reddy's skinning .. so in the...

YS Jagan: Unexpectedly saddened by Mr. Reddy’s skinning .. so in the case of NTR! Open comments on CM


  • Mr. Reddy Hulchul as Facebook Platform
  • Shock to Nandamuri fans with the latest post
  • Open about AP CM pics

If you look at the sensational star Sri Reddy .. Autumn Bomb Anala or Hot Bomb Anala is an incomprehensible situation. She is famous all over the country for her casting couch movement and half-naked performance on the sidewalk. She is always bustling with a topic. The Daily is opening up in response to the happenings in the community. In this context, the comments made by Sri Reddy are becoming a topic of discussion among the people. The same thing happened recently with Young Tiger NTR. But now all of a sudden it has become a hot issue for Mr. Reddy to take your turn in the case of NTR.

It is learned that the comments made by Mr. Reddy recently about the political entry of Nandamuri’s successor, Star Hero NTR, have gone viral. After the TDP’s defeat in the last elections in the AP, the word is heard that the party needs NTR. The issue came up once again when NTR was asked this question in a recent press meet. With this, Mr. Reddy shared a series of tweets about NTR while sharing videos related to the press meet .. He praised Young Tiger.

Young Tiger NTR, Jai NTR is the only gutsy hero who looks after the fans like his family, “he tweeted. . Nandamuri fans were overjoyed to see this. But recently, Mr. Reddy dropped the autumn bomb to evaporate that happiness.
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“I know a fake Twitter account person is over-acting. Skin Teesta baby. I have always been a fan of YS Jaganmohan Reddy. I adore him. There is no one who can replace him. “Jai Jagan,” Sri Reddy commented on his Facebook page. That means the Twitter account is a fake, says the Sensation Queen. This is a different reaction from netizens to this comment.


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