Zabardast judge with scissors .. As soon as his daughter Anshumalika said...

Zabardast judge with scissors .. As soon as his daughter Anshumalika said ..! Rosa is a new business


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Roja, who charmed a generation of audiences with her charms and agility, is still maintaining the same speed. Aside from the movies, Janam has settled down in Gundel as a formidable judge and Nagari MLA. From time to time he is spinning the wheel in terms of politics while making a fuss on television with fresh looks. Roja has not lost any craze since then .. It seems that her daughter has started a new business as per Anshumalika’s wish.

No matter how busy Roja is, she spends some time exclusively with her family. We do special tours whenever we can with her husband RK Selvamani, daughter Anshumalika and son Krishna Lohit Selvamani. However, Roza recently started a beauty salon business as per her daughter’s idea. A beauty salon called UNIQ was launched on Friday at the Salim Cotton Masjid Building in Hyderabad.

Photos related to this are currently going viral on social media. Fans are overjoyed to see Rosa holding scissors and appearing with her teenage daughter. Large-scale congratulations to Roza and her daughter Anshumalika. On the other hand, Anshumalika is already helping poor students as much as she can on her own in terms of education. It is noteworthy that people are saying that Anshude is the mother’s stepdaughter and it is her responsibility to keep Roza’s name in the future.
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It is learned that for the last two years, a lot of news has been circulating about Roja’s daughter Anshumalika’s cine entry. However, it is reported that Roza is not thinking about her daughter’s cinematic debut right now. It seems that she has decided not to disturb anything as Anshumalika is currently pursuing her education.

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